About Us

Hit Camp identifies and develops new recording artists, songwriters, producers and engineers. Hit Camp offers our artists a unique platform to distribute and promote their brand and artistry. Hit camp artist management division along with our partner companies
General Purpose Promotions (GPP) Bearzerk Inc And I AM Media Now gives our artists the unique situation of being able to start growing their fan base. By touring within one of many venues and multiple festivals that we arrange and promote on a monthly basis. Being able to get the artist’s out on the road touring is the key to building confidence and refining the artist’s individual artistry. At Hit Camp we believe that music is one of the greatest forces for good and change in the world. With Hit Camp's unique ability to promote and give the artists the platform to inspire and deliver their messages to fans and new fans from all walks of life. At Hit Camp we continuously strive to work with our creatively innovative artists and employees to serve and give back within our community and charities.